DDC Thick Lines Poster No. 1

DDC Thick Lines Poster No. 1

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Product description from the man himself: 

Product Description:

I was doing a workshop up in Edmonton, and upon seeing the first design of this series, a kid asked me, “But, why’d you make it?” At first, I thought he didn’t like it. “No, no, I like it, it’s just…how’d you come up with this?” he said. He was puzzled by the simplicity. And, in that little moment, all I could say was, “Everything is so complex. Posters are more and more intricate and intense. I just wanted to try something really, really simple. You know, in the spirit of the old the old stretched fabric wall art stuff from the ’70s!” And of course, he had no idea what I was talking about. He wasn’t on the scene until the late, late ’80s, the little punk.

And when we see those old stretched fabric deals in some ‘Overpriced Modern Furniture’ shop, the prices are way out of my league, and we’re betting, most folks. Not down with that. So who gets to enjoy them? Some yahoo tricking out his bullshit loft? Not fair. A big part of this is to offer up simple shape and color combos at an affordable price. For the people! Color for the people!

We’re always on the hunt for “more color” and always find time to savor the simple stuff in the world. Let these thick lines do both! Some new territory for the DDC. Hope you guys dig ‘em! Add some more color to that office, living room, shop, school room or wherever you might need a little blast of thick lines. These will do the job!

Product Details:

01. Printed on uncoated white poster stock. Big and thick.
02. Six colors! Inspired by a simplified gesture of the natural world.
03. 18” x 24”! The fullest of bleeds!
04. Proudly printed by the ink champions of Seizure Palace and The Half and Half.
05. Hand-numbered, using our patented freehand technique.
06. Limited editions. Flying off the shelves!