Our Top Albums of 2021

Happy New Year! Steven from Craft Service here! I hope you had a great holiday and New Year. 2021 presented us with some amazing albums and we're here to list them in no particular order. Now I know what you're thinking "No Order?! Are you insane!?". No we are not insane. We just think it's silly to turn art into a competition. Don't get me wrong, I probably have my favorite album of the year, but at the end of the day we just want to celebrate the amazing albums that were released. So without further ado... 


Tyler, The Creator - Call Me If You Get Lost

We're not sure what to say about Tyler that hasn't already been said. A musician, visual artist, fashion designer and probably a lot more that we don't know about all wrapped into one human. He pushed the limits once again transforming his music into a story and visualized the story through his performances. 



Genghis Tron - Dream Weapon 

I first saw Genghis Tron with Akimbo back in Milwaukee, Wisconsin around 2005 in a sweaty VFW Hall. They blew me away but, admittedly they fell off my radar for a bit. But they're back and I gotta say, this album surprised me. A percussive synthy dreamscape of an album. 



Origami Angel - Gami Gang

2021 needed some positive vibes and this posi-power-pop-punk masterpiece was just that. Fall into a daydream of simpler times, hanging with your friends listening to your favorite CD in their 1996 Chevy Corisca. 



St. Vincent - Daddy's Home 

This theatrical story is told throughout 14 tracks of pure St. Vincent goodness. St. Vincent comes back with the album we've been waiting for. Storytelling at it's finest paired with production that you can't beat. With numerous nods to Dark Side of the Moon and other classics, this album is equal parts nostalgia and genre bending goodness. 



Dayglow - Harmony House

An upbeat synth rock album with equal parts city-pop/loungey jazz vibes mixed with a dash of upbeat summer festival bound indie rock. 



Mndsgn - Rare Pleasures 

Speaking of upbeat loungey jazz. This Stones Throw release was on heavy rotation at Craft Service HQ from the minute it was released. One of the many Stones Throw releases that we drooled over all year long. 



Brockhampton - Roadrunner 

This album...lemme tell ya. I'm not sure how the kids say it these days but this album bopppppppps. The group formally known as a bunch of kids making insanely progressive rap are now sitting on top of the rap game defining where the genre is going. 



Japanese Breakfast - Jubilee 

J Brekkie...we love you. Thank you for what you do. What a gem of an album. Michelle Zauner is just simply killing it. Musician now author. Adorning the covers of magazines across the world. We look forward to your continuation of global takeover in 2022. 



Iceage - Seek Shelter 

All hail independent bands and labels making huge waves in 2021. Iceage and their label Mexican Summer did just that. Indie rock with nods to the emo-past. At times upbeat and times a lil' downtempo. Another album that reminded us of simpler times while still being excited for the future. 



Turnstile - Glow On

We said we weren't going to rank anything. However...when we asked our friends their favorite albums of the year Glow On was mentioned more times than any other album. The (I'm gonna say it again) genre-bending hardcore outfit from Baltimore took the music world by storm. Everyone loves this album. You will too. 



Quickly, Quickly - The Long and Short of It 

Love when amazing music is being made in my backyard. Portland's own Quickly, Quickly released their first full length in a couple years and it doesn't miss. A groovy, beat-filled sonic goldmine. (And it was a Record of the Month for our Vinyl Club!) 



One Step Closer - This Place You Know 

Remember that VFW I mentioned earlier? No, we didn't see One Step Closer there, but this album feels like we could've (and I mean that in the best way). Some good ol' fashion rock and/or roll. 



Colloboh - Entity Relation 

The modular mastermind Colloboh straight blew our minds with this release. An EP that is about 10 songs shorter than we wish had us bobbing our synthy heads nonstop. (and he was kind enough to do an interview with us that you can read in the Journal!)



Helado Negro - Far In 

We have been fans of Roberto since our best bud Brett introduced us to him back in the day. Every album gets better and better and Far In is no exception. Which is really something to say, he has been releasing albums without missing a beat for over 10 years now. 



F.S. Blumm • Nils Frahm - 2x1=4

Oh my. They did it again! F.S. Blumm and Nils Frahm graced us with another masterpiece this year. With some heavy dub vibes and echoes for days. Just a perfect lil' 7 track snack for your ears. 



Deafheaven - Infinite Granite 

Deafheaven is back and they're trying really hard to get me to use the term 'genre-bending' again. Coming off the heals of the heavy Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, they bring us Infinite Granite. A beautiful soundscape of ambience, shoe gaze, post-rock goodness. 



That's it! Well not really. We have a playlist of a ton more music for you (we just had to cap this at some point). What a year...

Enjoy our year end In Case you Missed It curated by our bud Fred Jonathan with help from a couple other pals.